What is the Membership Process?

Interested in becoming a member? Here is our process for what to expect once you inquire about membership.

  • The Membership Director provides the details of the different levels of membership available
  • Arrangements for a tour are made, if one is requested
  • If the prospective member decides to join the club, they complete and return the application, along with two sponsor letters
  • Prospective members who do not know any members will have two interviews. The Membership Director will arrange for them to have a meet and greet with a few members of the Membership Committee. If the Committee approves, those members will be the prospective members' sponsors, and this meeting will count as the first interview
  • The Membership Director will provide all prospective members with the dates & times of when interviews are conducted (Wednesday or Thursday evenings starting at 6:30 PM)
  • Once a date & time are agreed upon, the interview is arranged with the Membership Committee (a proprietary member or spouse of a proprietary member must be present at every interview) along with the General Manager, prospective member, and the primary and/or secondary sponsor. If for some reason neither sponsor can attend, the interview still moves forward. The Committee will call the sponsor
  • At the interview, the Membership Agreement and the Club's Rules & Regulations paperwork are reviewed and signed
  • After the interview, the prospective member's name, classification applied for, and their sponsors are sent to the membership and posted on the Club website for five days
  • After the posting period, if no member objects, the prospective member is presented to the Board of Governors for approval
  • Once approved, the new member is notified and will meet with either the Membership Director or General Manager for orientation, where they will review their welcome packet.