Guest Information


Members, their children, and their guests must be aware of proper attire and dress appropriately for the Clubhouse, Golf Course, and Pool and Racquet facilities. Members should consider common sense, respect for tradition, modesty, and the comfort level of fellow members when making decisions about their attire. The following dress code categories define appropriate attire for the facilities at Chester Valley, as well as at specific events.


Business Casual/Country Club Casual/Jean Friendly (specified areas/times) 
The first floor of the clubhouse and the club offices on the second floor are jean friendly. The ballroom and other special rooms have event specific dress codes. The Grille Room restaurant is jean friendly except after 5:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday when Business Casual is encouraged and Country Club casual is permitted. Men must remove hats on the second floor of the clubhouse.


Country Club Casual - Chester Valley Golf Club adheres to a non -penetrating spike policy on the golf course and practice facilities. Sneakers and appropriate casual shoes have always and will continue to be permitted. All shirts must be tucked and have a collar.

Station 23 Restaurant & Bar

Country Club Casual/Jean Friendly - Swim shorts, cover-ups and sporting attire are permitted. Footwear is required.


Proper and modest bathing attire is required for the pool facility.


Proper tennis attire, including non-black soled footwear, is required. Tank tops, halter tops, and bare midriffs are not permitted. Denim is not permitted on the tennis courts.


May have alternative dress codes as communicated by the club. 

Chester Valley managers and their staff have instructions to monitor for violations of the club rules including the dress code. Members will be advised if they, or their guests, are in violation of club rules. Please advise your guests of the dress code prior to arrival at CVGC. The House Committee entrusts the staff with enforcement authority. Please respect the Club Staff in all dress code decisions. Members are to direct any questions to the Manager on duty. 

Formal/Semi-Formal: Tuxedos or coat/tie for men and suitable formal dress for women.

Business Casual: Collared, turtleneck, and mock turtleneck shirts with neatly pressed, properly fitted slacks for men. Jacket and ties are optional. Women may wear dresses or skirts, pantsuits and dress slacks with appropriate tops. Denim is not acceptable attire.

Country Club Casual: Slacks, tailored shorts with collared, mock turtleneck or turtleneck shirts tucked in for men. Tailored shirts designed to be worn un-tucked (Tommy Bahama-type) are permissible. Appropriate dress for women is required. Bare midriffs, “see-through” fabrics without proper lining, or overly revealing shorts or skirts are inappropriate. T-shirts, athletic shorts, or cargo shorts are examples of attire that is not permitted.

Jean Friendly: Same rules as Country Club Casual except that tailored, non-faded blue jeans without rips, frays, or holes are permitted.


Clubhouse - Making or receiving calls and talking on cell phones on the first floor of the Clubhouse is permitted. Making or receiving calls and talking on cell phones on the second floor of the Clubhouse is prohibited. A member or guest who has a cell phone on the second floor must have it set on “silent” or “vibrate.” If a member or guest receives a call on the second floor, then he or she must immediately leave the second floor for either the first floor or the outside deck (except when the deck is in use for dining). Text messaging is not restricted anywhere on club property.